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Put a Golden-Era Goat in Your Garage

No feeding required!


Husband: “Honey, there’s a goat in our garage.”

Wife: “Darling, I don’t see a goat in our garage. I see a really cool Pontiac GTO convertible.”

That may be the conversation you have with your sweet-ums when you win Dream Giveaway’s coolest convertible contest that is coming to a close in a few days.

Of course, you, a classic car nut from way back, know that “goat” is a play on the acronym GTO.

And that classic car nut that you are knows that putting a super-cool Pontiac GTO convertible in your garage is more than a play on words, it’s a dream come true.

With iconic styling, big-cube V8s, and legendary performance, Detroit’s first muscle car remains a hot ticket in the skyrocketing collector car hobby.

When Dream Giveaway filled us in that its latest grand-prize is a stunning 33,000 original-mile GTO convertible featuring a matching-numbers 400 ci V8 engine and a four-speed Muncie manual transmission, well we were saying bring on the goat, too.

And you can win this exceptional original-mile 1968 Pontiac GTO by supporting charity. CLICK HERE to get your entries to win.

Motor Trend praised the all-new, stylish, and curvy GTO that debuted in 1968. The magazine’s editorial staff unanimously chose the 1968 GTO as their Car of the Year, stating:

“This year, following careful evaluation of the 1968 product lines of all domestic manufacturers, the winner of the Car of the Year Award [the 1968 GTO] was the unanimous choice of Motor Trend’s editorial staff.”

That sent a whole pack of new car buyers out to their Pontiac dealers as soon as that issue hit the newsstands. Here’s what else we know about this grand-prize GTO. Sold new in Doylestown, PA, back in June 1968, this grand-prize GTO convertible in Cameo Ivory with black interior eventually found a home in warm and dry Texas before being acquired by the Dream Giveaway Garage. The car underwent a frame-off restoration focused on maintaining its originality and low mileage. Don’t expect reproduction pieces on this amazing GTO convertible. With such low miles, modern reproductions during the restoration were simply not needed.

It’s rare, too. Only 3,116 GTO convertibles were made in 1968 with the 400ci/four-speed combo, making this classic one of the rarest Pontiacs from the original muscle car era, as verified by Pontiac Historic Services.

If you’re the winner, you’ll bring home this 33,000 original-mile GTO convertible, and Dream Giveaway will pay out $19,000 for the federal prize taxes.

You need to hurry. This contest ends at midnight on June 13 leaving you only a few days left to get that lucky entry. ENTER NOW and get ready to score this exceptional example from the Pontiac GTO’s legendary golden-era.




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