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Bugatti Enthusiasts Celebrate 100 Years of Type 35 with Epic Journey


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of Bugatti’s most iconic car, the Type 35, Club Bugatti France organized a tour from Molsheim – the hometown of the brand – to Lyon where the legendary race car made its debut at the 1924 Grand Prix de Lyon. To kick off the journey, Bugatti invited the participants of the tour to its premises in Molsheim, where in 1909 Bugatti’s story began. Enthusiasts from around the globe converged upon the historic French town – the place founder Ettore Bugatti decided to settle in – for a once-in-a-lifetime experience commemorating a century of automotive excellence.

Unveiled in 1924, the lightweight and powerful Type 35 achieved an incredible feat: securing more than 2,500 racing victories across its relatively short racing career. A marvel of cutting-edge design and pioneering engineering, the Type 35 still inspires Bugatti’s modern-day creations. Five Type 35 models were entered into the 1924 Grand Prix at Lyon, heralding a new era in motorsports, and setting a trend in which speed, agility and elegance converged perfectly. Organized by the Automobile Club de France over 35 laps of a 23.1km road circuit, the 1924 Grand Prix at Lyon will forever be entwined with Bugatti’s storied motorsports heritage. A sixth Type 35 – the original prototype – was kept in reserve by Ettore.

To pay homage to such a momentous anniversary, Bugatti Club France curated a special event that started in Molsheim on May 13 and concluded in Lyon on May 20.

Christophe Piochon, President of Bugatti Automobiles, welcomed the guests and their exquisite 49 classic cars – including 23 examples of the Type 35, among them one of the five cars that raced in 1924, and 12 additional Bugatti Grand Prix historic models comprising several Type 37 and 51 – around the Château Saint Jean.

On display at the hallowed grounds for Bugatti Club France guests to visually enjoy as they arrived on the morning of the first day of the tour were six elegant models of the Baby II Type 35 Centenary Edition, a celebratory creation that beautifully commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Bugatti Type 35’s debut at the Grand Prix de Lyon in 1924.



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