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Pick of the Day: 1959 Rambler Ambassador

Large option list, medium price, compact dimensions


By the late 1950s, American family sedans had grown in just about every dimension. Blame it on the stylistic trends that dominated the industry – among them, generous chrome trim adornments and elaborate tailfins. Rambler decided to call attention to the fact that its car was smaller in comparison, and therefore both easier to maneuver and more convenient to park.

“Other ‘59s too big for your garage?” one advertisement said. “Unwelcome at downtown garages and lots? Most medium-priced cars are. But not Ambassador – the compact luxury car that fits in any garage.”

The Pick of the Day is a 1959 Rambler Ambassador Custom sedan listed for sale on by a private seller in Anderson, Indiana. (Click the link to view the listing)

The Ambassador was manufactured by American Motors Corporation (AMC). It was first sold in model year 1958 and rode on a 117-inch wheelbase. (By comparison, the Chevrolet Impala had a 119-inch wheelbase, so in reality the Ambassador didn’t have a significant advantage there). Production took place at AMC’s facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin. In Rambler marketing materials, the Ambassador was promoted as “the world’s finest travel car.”

Today’s featured Ambassador is finished in Alamo Beige, and the seller asserts that the finishes – both outside and inside – are original. There were a few noteworthy engineering elements for the car – among them, each of the four doors has a vent window. The seller informs us that this car has fold-down seats, so cargo utility is another of the car’s credentials. Up front, power comes from a 196ci inline-six mated to a push-button automatic transmission. “Runs and drives great,” the listing says. The engine bay is tidy for a 65-year-old vehicle.

What became of the Ambassador, anyway? The model was phased out after 1974, and by 1987, the AMC brand in its entirety had become part of Chrysler through a series of stock buyouts and other negotiations. Today, the Ambassador and its AMC siblings are relatively uncommon sights at traditional car shows, but the people who drive AMCs love them. One of the clubs dedicated to the marque is the American Motors Owners Association (AMO), and there is an event coming up this June in Virginia.

The asking price is $15,400. Grab this car and join in on the fun!

To view this Pick of the Day on, check out the listing here.

Tyson Hugie
Tyson Hugie
Tyson Hugie is a Phoenix-based automotive enthusiast who has been writing for The Journal since 2016. His favorite automotive niche is 1980s and 1990s Japanese cars, and he is a self-diagnosed “Acura addict” since he owns a collection of Honda and Acura cars from that era. Tyson can usually be found on weekends tinkering on restoration projects, attending car shows, or enjoying the open road. He publishes videos each week to his YouTube channel and is also a contributing author to Arizona Driver Magazine,, NSX Driver Magazine, and other automotive publications. His pride and joy is a 1994 Acura Legend LS coupe with nearly 600,000 miles on the odometer, but he loves anything on four wheels and would someday like to own a 1950 Buick Special like his late grandfather’s.



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