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Hispano Suiza Reveals Name of New Car

The Sagrera pays homage to one of the most important Hispano Suiza factories of the 20th century


The legend of Hispano Suiza doesn’t stop as the company continues its evolution as a manufacturer of fully electric hypercars. Founded in 1904 and set to celebrate its 120th anniversary next year, Hispano Suiza has revealed the name of its new vehicle: Sagrera. A name that, like Carmen or Boulogne, is deeply rooted in Hispano Suiza’s history. In 1911, pushed by the commercial success of its vehicles, Hispano Suiza moved to “La Sagrera” district of Barcelona, an area renowned for its industrial activity. There it established the company’s first large factory to increase its production. It was located on Ribas Road, where it came to occupy a surface area of 50,000 m2 and underwent two extensions to meet the growing market needs. The Hispano Suiza factory employed 1,800 people.

On a technical level, the Sagrera will incorporate the new 103kW battery that has already being tested on the Carmen Boulogne and will represent an important evolution in terms of aerodynamics.

Sergio Martínez Campos, CEO of Hispano Suiza says, “It is the result of the constant evolution of the Carmen and the Carmen Boulogne. It also lays the foundations for the design line that the brand will follow in the coming years. I can’t reveal too many details yet, but the Sagrera is here to continue fulfilling our clients’ wishes: they asked us for a car like this, and to continue to be unique.”

In short, the Sagrera has been created to keep the legend alive, taking performance, sportiness and passion for luxury to a whole new level.



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