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Jaguar’s future reportedly includes large flagship sedan


Jaguar will launch a large electric sedan as one of the three vehicles planned in its brand overhaul, Autocar reported on Wednesday citing a source familiar with the plans.

The overhaul, known as Reimagine and announced in 2021 by former CEO Thierry Bollore, will see Jaguar’s current lineup phased out and replaced by three electric vehicles all positioned at higher price points than any members of the current fleet.

The first of the new Jaguars arrives in 2025. It’s been confirmed by the brand as a sleek four-door grand tourer.

It was previously thought the GT would be followed by a pair of SUVs, though according to the Autocar report only one SUV, a mid-size offering targeting the Bentley Bentayga and Range Rover, is coming, with the third model to be the large sedan.

All three will reportedly ride on a purpose-built EV platform dubbed JEA (Jaguar Electric Architecture), which Jaguar has previously confirmed for its four-door GT.

Though the market is clamoring for SUVs of all sorts, the segment is already extensively covered by fellow JLR (formerly Jaguar Land Rover) brands Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender. Instead, Jaguar, with its new focus on lower-volume, higher-margin vehicles can target segments where the other JLR brands aren’t present.

And having two sedans in its lineup (the four-door GT will likely be a hatch) is a strategy Jaguar has explored for a while. When planning for the future of the XJ early last decade, Jaguar looked at introducing two body styles: a sporty coupe-like design for performance fans and a roomier three-box design to be targeted at well-heeled Chinese buyers who prefer to ride in the back.

This article was originally published by Motor Authority, an editorial partner of ClassicCars.com


  1. I thought everyone hated sedans and only wanted trucks and SUV’S, BUT NOW that all manufacturers are going electric that “truism” doesn’t seem that true after all or, was all hype to begin with? I think we know the answer!

  2. Give me a big sedan with an ICE. You can have all the rest. The auto manufacturers are making a big mistake, they are giving the government what it wants and forgetting what people want. After the revolution I’ll remember what you did.


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