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Review: 2024 Lexus NX 350h AWD Luxury Hybrid

When you need more technology than a space shuttle


This is the 2024 Lexus NX 350h AWD Hybrid, a compact and upscale SUV with more technology than a space shuttle, but it presents in an easy-to-use manner. Pricing for the NX 350h starts at $44,205, which is just $200 more than the non-hybrid model, and it gets double the EPA-rated gas mileage on paper. The car we show is priced at $56,855 which includes the delivery, processing, and handling fees. The main increase comes courtesy of the Luxury Package with some more goodies the Premium package doesn’t offer. 


This Lexus NX 350h AWD is finished in Cadmium Orange, adding $595 to the price, but it rewards you with a stunning metallic orange that will make your vehicle easy to find. The NX 350h has an aggressive appearance thanks to a wide stance, angry Lexus front grille, and the upgraded 20-inch premium alloy wheels. Up front, you will find the optional triple LED headlights along with LED fog lights for improved visibility. You’ll also find roof rails on each side of the panoramic roof, and a power kick door in the rear for easy loading when your hands are full. Keyless entry is widely available these days, but the Lexus Smart Key card goes a long way to make using your car more convenient with a slick key that could fit in the space of a credit card.       


The interior is where the premium price for a Lexus becomes apparent, and this 2024 NX 350h benefits from a driver-focused interface with new technology. The fit and finish feels solid with tactile feedback from the buttons and switches in the car, along with a responsive 14-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The premium interior features perforated leather-trimmed seats with chevron patterns, a leather steering wheel, and black open-pore wood. The seats are powered and available with memory settings, as expected, but the Luxury package gives you powered rear seats which can be lowered or raised at the touch of a button, either through the touchscreen or rear cargo buttons. This NX 350h uses electronic door releases (don’t worry there are mechanical releases in case of emergencies) that allow the SUV to check your blind spots when opening doors and will show a warning if it senses a car or cyclist going by, which can certainly save you some headaches. Additional features include Lexus Safety System 3.0, power tilt and slide moonroof with electric sunshade, ambient lighting which is customizable but dim, and a digital rearview mirror.    


Power comes from a 2.5 liter inline-4 which is paired with an ECVT transmission and two electric motors, producing a combined 240 horsepower, 35 hp less than the standard NX 350. The NX 350h is only offered with all-wheel drive that’s made possible by placing one electric motor on each axle, though it is primarily front-wheel drive, using the rear electric motor when accelerating from a stop or in situations requiring more traction. The hybrid drive train allows the NX 350h to achieve 0-60 in 7.2 seconds, the same as the new Prius, and reach a top speed of 124 miles per hour. More than enough power to drive around your town, but it can feel sluggish fully loaded or uphill.  


Perhaps the most important aspect of any hybrid is fuel economy. The EPA rating for the NX 350h AWD is 41 mpg city, 37 mpg highway, and 39 combined. In our time with the vehicle, we never managed to average above 31 mpg with a mix of city and highway driving in Phoenix, but that is better than the top EPA ratings for the non-hybrid model. At the time of this review, we were in the middle of the new “greatest number of days over 110 degrees” record so the AC and ventilated seats were always on full blast while driving, which would certainly put some strain on our fuel economy. With some more relaxed driving, and better weather conditions, I imagine the efficiency could be improved.  


This Lexus Luxury SUV offers a balanced driving experience with easy-to-use technology. The steering provides decent feedback along with solid brake pressure that can be touchy, as hybrids are with regenerative braking. The seats are comfortable and provide good high-up visibility along with easy blind spot checks, including blind spot monitoring. The NX 350h makes for a great daily driver and it has some pickup when needed (aside from hilly areas). Ultimately, you will want to test drive one at your local Lexus dealer to make sure it is a good fit. 

Watch our full video review on the ClassicCars TV YouTube Channel.


The Lexus NX 350h AWD delivers the quality that you expect from Lexus with the added benefit of easy-to-use technology and driving aids that make interacting with the SUV a pleasure. While our experience with the fuel economy was under the EPA ratings, it is an improvement over the non-hybrid model and easily justifies the $200 price difference if you don’t mind ECVT transmissions. The Luxury Package offers a lot of desirable features if you’re willing to splurge over the lower-cost premium package or even base trim.

Jeff Sutton
Jeff Sutton
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