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Introduction To Collecting Diecast Cars: Size, Scale & Dimensions (4K)

Our newest YouTube series


ClassicCars TV is excited to share with you the first episode of Collectible Corner where we will be exploring the world of diecast cars. In today’s video, Jared Costello will be sharing different sizes and scales of various models of diecast cars from a 1:87 to 1:18th scale. Whether you are new to collecting or have enjoyed the hobby for years, you probably still have questions about the ever expanding world of diecast cars. This new series is dedicated to sharing the joy of collecting model cars and opening the door to discussions among enthusiasts who share the same interest in these amazing pieces of automotive art. Make sure to subscribe to the ClassicCars TV YouTube channel to get updates about future episodes.


  1. I collect 1/18 models of actual cars I have owned. So far I’ve found 12 of the 50. Your measurements are almost irrelevant because scale cars correspond to the 1:1 models and an Isetta would be rather different from an Rolls, of which I have both.

  2. It seems C5 Corvettes 97-04 Diecast cars are few and far between. If anyone knows where any are please reply. I am looking for a stock and zo6 Black diecast.

  3. I have collection of 1/24 scale Danbury & Franklin mint die-cast. I have 4 C5 Corvettes. All 99s. Two convertibles, one fixedroof,and one. Hardtop. I have never C5 -06. I have a total of 50 select die-cast. I have C1 thru C8 Corvette. I miss Danbury Mint quality.

  4. Have collected DIECAST models for the last 70 years …..have all sizes, but the majority are 1:18 th
    Have in excess of 600 in total including all sizes !

  5. BMW has had collectible Art Cars for years. 1:18 scale reproductions of cars done by many of the world’s most influential artists.
    Great cars to collect.


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