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Photo Gallery: Pre-Production Ford Mustangs (1962-1964)

A photo essay of pre-production Mustangs


Take a moment and enjoy our photo gallery of pre-production Ford Mustangs from 1962-1964

The clay model of the 1963 concept still had the Cougar badge in the grille but it also had Torino badges on the front fenders. (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
At the end of the competition, Halderman’s design was selected as the basis for the new production model. Like all the other designs, this one was named and Oros selected Cougar. Aside from the badging the most prominent visual difference from the final production model were the oval headlights from the European Ford Taunus.
Just as the Cougar logos could be found at various times facing left or right, so too with the pony. This design prototype used the right facing horse because some felt that was the way people were used to seeing horses run on race tracks. (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
There was considerable debate about which direction the Cougar or pony should face; left or right. Various design models during 1962-1964 can be found with logos pointing in either direction. (Courtesy of Ford Motor Company)
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David P. Castro
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  1. It’s great to look back at these prototype pictures. Would love to see a full blown, all inclusive article! More please!!!


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