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Question of the Day: What is your favorite car from the 1950s?

Give us your take in the comments section


1954 Ford Country Squire station wagon

Happy Thursday and hopefully the week is treating you well. I’ll keep the Question of the Day simple. What is your favorite car from the 1950s?

Give us your take in the comments section. Like my high school history teacher always told me, “There are no wrong answers.”

My favorite? 1959 Chevrolet Impala.

David P. Castro
David P. Castro
The Santa Rosa, California native is an experienced automotive and motorsports writer with a passion for American muscle cars. He is a credentialed automotive, NASCAR, and IndyCar reporter that graduated from the University of Nevada-Reno. A devoted F1 and NASCAR fan, he currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, son, Siberian Husky, Mini Cooper, and 1977 Chevrolet C10.


  1. HHMMM!!! Well, I think it would be a tie between 57 Olds Super 88 convertible, 55Pontiac convertible, 57 Corvette, and a late 50’s Alfa Romeo Guillietta Snyder. Those would tie for 1st place and at least that many more would tie for 2nd place. Yeah, the late 50’s were my teenage years.

  2. 1957 Cadillac El Dorado Biarritz convertible. The car had everything Detroit could put on a car in those days.

  3. 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 2 door hardtop. I had 2 of them – both customized. One in 1959, and a cloned version in 1992 until 2015.

  4. Factory electronic fuel injected 1958 Chrysler 300D, 390HP, total of 21 cars made. 392 Hemi, 1 horsepower per cube (close enough). This is not like a Corvette with a mechanical fuel injection system. It was not very reliable back when new, but, now, with 65 years of better knowledge, pretty simple to sort it out, and keep it original.

  5. 1957 Chev bel air 2drht. Simply an awesome automobile. Made a year after I was born and can only remover a couple of people that had one when I was coming up but I always thought they they were such a beautiful car.

  6. My 1959 Pontiav Bonneville was a real beauty with red finish, lots of chrome and really luxurious interior….my choice of the ’50’s styling…

  7. I loved all the cars from the 50’s…55 and 56 Mercury, 57 T-Birds, 55, 57 and 58 Chevy’s, 55 and 56 Cadillac Convertibles,
    but I think my favorites are the 57, 58 and 59 Chrysler 300 letter cars. They were the first muscle cars.

  8. My first car: A 1958 Chevrolet Belair, two-toned white and tropic turqoise…bought from a retired GM employee, Frank Budzinski, our family neighbor in 1965-66. Loved that car!

  9. 1956 Packards, especially the Caribbeans or the ’55 and ’56 models with Electric Torsion Level Suspension. Thanks

  10. Love the clean styling ot the ’53 Studebaker President before the fins and ostentatious grill. Ford got the styling perfect on the 56 Continental and, finally, the late 50s Alfa Spyders provided both great styling and responsive performance.

  11. Can’t pick just one:
    1957 Chevrolet Corvette
    1957 Chevrolet Belaire 2dr
    1957 Cadillac Eldorado Briarritz
    1957 Ford T-Bird

  12. 1955 red & white olds rocket 88 324 . hard top convertible. There’s one on this website I would buy if I could afford it.

  13. 1957 Desoto Adventurer 345 c.i. and 345 hp. Special paint, interior, torqueflight, HD suspension unique exterior trim and gold hubcaps

    1958 Dodge Custom Royal Regal Lancer, D500.

  14. 1957 Olds Super 88 has to be the best of the Fifty s. I would follow that with the 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. Those are the 2 best looking cars from the 1950s!

  15. My favorite 1950s car is a
    1957 Cadillac Coupe Deville
    Champagne Rose with a soft white top on nice white walls.

  16. It is tough but my favorites are the 59 Impala convertible, the 58 Buick Caballero wagon, and the 59 Cadillac convertible. I bought each of these decades ago when they were cheap used cars. I hope my son enjoys them as much as I did and do once I am gone.


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