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Metallica front man James Hetfield’s custom car collection on show at The Quail

One-of-a-kind display of custom classics presented by Petersen Automotive Museum


The Petersen Automotive Museum and Coker Tire will display a curated selection of custom classics from Metallica’s front man James Hetfield’s personal collection August 13 at The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering.

Hetfield’s collection of custom American cars comes from the “Reclaimed Rust” exhibit at Petersen, where the car will be displayed until November 7.

 “The Petersen is excited to showcase the collection of beautiful custom vehicles at one of the most renowned automotive events in the world,” Petersen’s executive director Terry Karges is quoted in a press release. “Our exhibit ‘Reclaimed Rust’ is a love letter to legendary rocker James Hetfield’s two most prominent forms of expression and we are delighted to expand its reach to Monterey.”

Vehicles going to The Quail include a 1936 Auburn Speedster replica “Slow Burn,” a 1937 Ford Coupe “Crimson Ghost,” 1939 Packard “Aquarius,” 1953 Buick Skylark “Skyscraper” and a 1956 Ford F-100 “Str8edge.”

Metallica front man James Hetfield’s 1939 Packard "Aquarius"
Metallica front man James Hetfield’s 1953 Buick Skylark “Skyscraper”
Metallica front man James Hetfield’s 1956 Ford F-100 “Str8edge”

The display can be found at the “Coker Tires Presents Reclaimed Rust: The James Hetfield Collection on Loan from the Petersen Museum” exhibit near The Quail’s west entrance.

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  1. Being a music and art fan myself and a car enthusiast – I completely get the story shared by James. I never knew of his upbringing and the loss he must have felt only to be blessed later on in so many ways. His story could have been very different but he excelled well beyond what could have been. Now with his sharing of another form of his art we get to see another side of this remarkable mans life. If art imitates life all we can say about his work is remarkable. Thank you.

  2. Mr. Hetfield epitomizes the collector who loves the automobile, rather than the glory of just dumping money into “projects”.
    Oh, he has mountains of money… but he commissions builds with exceptional taste and vision.
    And what vision. Jeez-us wept, just look at what Mr. Hetfield has wrought.
    That man rocks in so many ways, let’s just give him the props, ‘k?


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