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Pick of the Day: 1959 Buick Electra, rare premium car with sharp tailfins

First-year example finished in a tasty Lido Lavender paint


In response to Chrysler’s impressively designed 1957 models, Buick did a complete overhaul for its 1959 line with the Special becoming the LeSabre, the Century renamed the Invicta and the introduction of the Electra that replaced both the Super and Roadmaster.

Buick also said goodbye to some of its most recognizable design elements, including its signature portholes and tooth-comb grilles and introduced its prominent tailfin design – a bold new style that made the Electra one of the best-looking cars of 1959.

The Pick of the Day is a meticulously restored 1959 Buick Electra that’s just 1 of 11 examples in existence known to the Buick registry.

“Given the cost and complexity of restoring such cars, it is rare to see one presented as pristine as this,” said the Allentown, Pennsylvania, dealer advertising the car on “The model is finished in a wonderful Lido Lavender paint in excellent condition, with no flaws to speak of.”  

Finished in the correct factory color, the body features sharp “Delta Wings” off the rear above the protruding round taillights, a chrome squared grille, dual slanted headlights, extra-wide chrome moldings and a bubble top with its extra-large rear window.

“The vast body panels are straight with an even, precise fit,” the dealer continues. “Extensive chrome and stainless trim are in excellent order with no dings, dents or pitting.”

A nice contrast to the unique exterior color, the interior is upholstered in two-tone gray “Cordaveen” (which was Buick’s evocative name for vinyl) and wool broadcloth.

According to the dealer, interior amenities include factory air conditioning, power seats and windows, and an AM radio. And while the dealer doesn’t mention these, each Electra also came standard with two-speed windshield wipers, an electric clock, trunk light and cigar lighter.

Under the hood is a 401cid Wildcat 445 Nailhead V8 factory rated at 325 horsepower and connected to a Buick Twin Turbine automatic transmission.  

“To drive this Buick is an extraordinary experience,” the dealer says. “The laid-back driving position is perfectly suited for cruising and the 401 cubic inch fires easily with no smoke or drama. The transmission shifts into drive swiftly and rolls off on a wave of smooth torque.”  

The dealer also notes that this Buick Electra, which has been “beautifully restored to show-winning standards,” won the best “Buick-Post-War to 1969” award at the 2019 Radnor Hunter Concours d’Elegance.

The Buick Electra is being offered for $92,000.

To view this rare vehicle on, see Pick of the Day.

Racheal Colbert
Racheal Colbert
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  1. That’s a really cool looking car. If I had a spare $92,000 burning a hole in my pocket I wouldn’t buy it, but I wouldn’t blame anyone that did.

  2. My chief question is, while the exterior color is correct, is it the correct color for that blue and grey interior? Also, why take pictures with a lens that distorts the lines and features of a rare car so you can’t get an accurate view of the design intent?

  3. My Dad had one of these. us kids would fight for the interior rear window deck to lay down and read our comic books.

  4. Dad brought me home from the car lot in his shiny 60 Buick exactly this color and trim. I wasn’t feeling well and proceeded to throw up all over the back seat…. must have been the color


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