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Pick of the Day: 1929 Packard 640 roadster, looking sporty and rakish

This low-mileage runabout was owned by the same family for 65 years


The concept of a sports car goes back practically to the beginning of automobiles, when those with the wherewithal could indulge in impractical vehicles designed purely for fun, excitement and bragging rights.  Such was the Pick of the Day, a 1929 Packard 640 roadster.

Built for the country-club set (note the small door on either side for golf-bag stowage), the Packard 640 runabout is splendidly styled and powered by the 348.8cid Big Eight that generates 106 horsepower and prodigious low-end torque.


“1929 was a big year for Packard and would be one of its best years ever,” according to the Orange, Connecticut, dealer advertising the Packard on ClassicCars.com. “The six-cylinder cars were discontinued and replaced with the small standard-eight engined cars and the large super-eight cars, the 640 and 645 models, (that) would become some of the greatest and one of the most iconic model years for Packard and for the entire classic era.

“The custom eight was available in both the 640 (140-inch wheelbase) and the 645 (145-inch wheelbase) and were both a completely new design for Packard.”

roadster, Pick of the Day: 1929 Packard 640 roadster, looking sporty and rakish, ClassicCars.com Journal

This Packard 640 rumble-seat roadster looks like a gorgeous example that the dealer says is in fine condition and ready to be driven, shown and enjoyed.

“Offered here is a very original 1929 Packard 640 roadster that has been owned by the same family for 65 years and has travelled just shy of 50,000 miles since it was new,” the dealer says. “A very good-looking example with its rear mounted spare wheel and 5 wire wheels, giving it a long, low look that a car with side mounts just cannot match.


“Today wearing a charming older restoration in two-tone blue with cream accents, this 640 is really wonderful.”

As with all Packards, the 640 was built with supremely high quality, and they were known for their rugged reliability.  These were expensive cars aimed at a gentrified clientele, and this one looks ready to continue that trend.


This Packard has a rakish appearance with its standard body, rather than the limitless coachbuilt offerings of its day.  It looks low, lean and poised to sprint along a country road with a low-pitched roar from its inline-8, top down with a scarf trailing in the breeze.


The red-leather interior seems attractively patinaed and inviting, as does the rumble seat, and on its prow stands the classic Packard mascot depicting the “Goddess of Speed.”

The lovely veteran is price at $95,000.

To view this vehicle on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day

roadster, Pick of the Day: 1929 Packard 640 roadster, looking sporty and rakish, ClassicCars.com Journal
Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen
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  1. A very handsome vehicle, to be sure. I love the golf club hatch. $95k is less than I would expect.
    I wonder what it sold for new?


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