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Our editor takes part in BBC World Service program

‘The birth of the modern car’ broadcast includes Larry Edsall among its panelists


A few weeks ago, ClassicCars.com Journal founding editor Larry Edsall was invited by the BBC World Service to take part in a panel discussion that has been broadcast under the title “The birth of the modern car: Design milestones in the early history of motor vehicles and the people behind them.”

The program was broadcast worldwide for the first time May 20 on will be repeated on May 23. But it also can be heard anytime through the BBC’s “Listen now” feature, or can be downloaded for listening at your leisure.

Also taking part in the program were Giles Chapman, an authority on the automobile and its industry, culture and history, and Gundula Tutt, an art and vehicle restoration specialist and expert who did her Ph.D study on history of automotive paint.

To listen, visit the BBC World Service website.


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