Corvette track offers entry class to performance driving

Interested in doing a track day but not quite sure if you’re ready?

track days
Corvette museum's track has special introductory class for those interested in 'recreational performance driving' | NCM Motorsports Park photo

Think you’d like to do a track day but aren’t sure of your skills? The National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, has launched a special “101” on-track introduction to recreational performance driving.

The High Performance Driver Introduction costs $300 and is designed to allow drivers “to give the sport a try.”

The program includes classroom and on-track instruction, with the participants driving their own cars. 

Covered in the classroom are terms and procedures, vehicle tech requirements, personal protective equipment, flags and what they mean and basic performance driving techniques.

On track, participants work with an instructor on basic car control, breaking down a corner, passing, brake markets, pit in/out, etc.  

The track will offer the class on July 5 and again on November 14. For more information, visit the track website.



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