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Featured listing: Do-All – 1967 Chevrolet K-10 Pick-up

Able to scale hills, pick-up, deliver, and leave a lasting impression.


This ClassicCars.com Marketplace featured listing is a 1967 Chevrolet K-10 for sale in Boulder, Colorado. This is showcasing the virtues of a good ol’ truck punctuated with an update to give it cool factor that can make anyone take notice.

Chevy knows how to build trucks, and in fact had been doing so for 49-years when the 1967 hit the dealer showrooms across the country. The 1967 Chevrolet K-10 was a newly designed model and changed the trajectory of trucks. Up until that year, trucks were to serve a purpose, primarily in farming or work-related applications. These were not designed with the consumer market in mind, as evident by the lack of comfort and conveniences that were already available in passenger cars. 

1967 Chevrolet K-10
1967 Chevrolet K-10

The 1967 Chevrolet K-10 came with 4-wheel drive as standard equipment, while the models that began with the letter “C” where 2-wheel drive. The Chevys did retain the leaf spring and solid-rear axle if ordered with such, however the majority were equipped with independent suspension that improved the ride quality. 

The engine choices ranged from the base inline-6, with 250-cubic inches, but a larger 292 inline-6 was available. The V8 choices were either the 283 or 327. Transmissions for the 1967 Chevrolet K-10 began with a base 3-speed manual, with other options that included overdrive or a 4-speed. Automatics included a 2-speed Powerglide, or one of two 3-speed choices, being the Turbo-hydramatic 350 or 400.

1967 Chevrolet K-10
1967 Chevrolet K-10

This blue and white 4×4, 1967 Chevrolet K-10 original motor was replaced with a V8, headers, and the manual transmission. It also has appreciated upgrades like front disc brakes, power steering, and an electric fan. This was also the only year that one could get the small rear window, which definitely sets this apart from the other years to follow. A larger rear window was available, but in ’67 that was an option.

The Chevy does look like it’s ready for business with a three-inch lift, and BFG A/T tires. So, this isn’t easy to dismiss, especially with the short-bed. It looks the part. The interior with re-done houndstooth bench seat looks very appropriate with the rest of the truck updates. The owner does suggest that a little exterior repainting of the hood could be on the horizon for the buyer. However, this is not a garage queen, but a good daily driver. 

Chevrolet K-10
1967 Chevrolet K-10

Yes, one could be tempted by all of the features a new truck can offer. Yet, the metal and chrome on the 1967 Chevrolet K-10 does show character that today’s trucks composed of endless plastic fall short on.  

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