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One of only 92 Super Bee heads to GAA auction


Super Bee, One of only 92 Super Bee heads to GAA auction, ClassicCars.com Journal

One of only 92 such 1969 Dodge Super Bee hardtop coupes with a Hemi engine and 4-speed transmission built for the U.S. market will be among the featured vehicles at GAA’s classic car auction scheduled for February 27-29 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The numbers-matching car has been driven less than 10,000 miles since rolling off the assembly line at the Lynch Road plant in Michigan. It also is fully optioned and the seller believes it is the only ’69 Super Bee Hemi 4-speed done in white on white colors.

The car has bee restored to original-equipment standards and has won first-place awards at multiple events. For example, it was Mopar top eliminator pick in 2014 at the 50th anniversary of the 426 Hemi and 100th anniversary of Dodge, and was featured in the Mopar Collector’s Guide magazine. It also scored 997 points at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, where it earned an “emerald” award.

Super Bee, One of only 92 Super Bee heads to GAA auction, ClassicCars.com Journal

In its early years, the car was the “Hide and Watch” drag racing star and many trophies, photos and racing-history documentation will go to the next owner, as will the restoration photos and the awards won since that work was completed. Since the restoration, when only the hood and rear inner-wheel wells needed to be replaced with original metal, the car only been driven to and from the trailer on its way to various car shows.

The 426 Hemi V8 is topped by twin Carter ABF 4-barrel carburetors and is rated at 425 horsepower at 5,000 rpm and at 490 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. The transmission is a Super Track Pak Dana 60 with a 9.75 axle, 4.10 ratio and Sure Grip. The car has Rally/Hemi suspension with heavy-duty sway and torsion bars.

The rare Super Bee will be joined by around 650 other classic, muscle and unique vehicles crossing the block during the auction at GAA’s permanent and climate-controlled facility.

GAA Auction Block

Gates open at 8 a.m. on February 27. Registered bidders and consignors and guests will get lunch from Longhorn Steakhouse at 11:30 with the auction starting at 1 p.m. with classic memorabilia and 190 vehicles.

Bidding on 266 vehicles begins at 10 a.m. on February 28 and again February 29 when 185 vehicles, including the Super Bee, are scheduled to cross the block.

Visit www.gaaclassiccars.com for additional information.

Licensing number: NCLF#9949


  1. In 1971, the famous Mopar drag racer Cecil Yother introduced me to the 426 Hemi. At age 24, I knew little about cars but was rapidly becoming a car guy. Owning a 69 Road Runner 383, I was tired of getting beat at the strip, so I asked an older co-worker what I could get to alleviate that problem. He introduced me to Mr. Yother. That man raced for Chrysler (Melrose Missile ) and promptly showed me several 426 Hemi engine sitting in his kitchen clean shop. Told me: “Once you drive one of these you will never want to drive anything else. Two months later, I ordered a Plum Crazy Challenger RT with the elephant with the standard 4:10 Dana rear end behind a rare 4 speed transmission. Wish I still had the Road Runner though.

  2. I read a story once by a guy who had bought a Charger with a Hemi when he was in high school. He kept it for a while but admitted that the power of the car scared the hell out of him and he sold it within a year or two. Fast forward many years to not very long ago and he sets out to find his old Hemi Charger and buy it back. He locates the car and arranges to buy it. And when he got in and looked in the console, there was a half roll of the breath mints he used to use when he was in high school… still waiting for him after all those years. Talk about re-connecting with the past…

  3. A friend of mine had a 1971 Charger 440 six pack that he would let me drive since he drank. We would go to town on Friday and Saturday night, at that time we raced on a particular street in town! The cam had been changed to a stronger one than factory and was a monster from red light to red light. We never got beat and had too much fun winning! The car would drift right, left, and right again and if you didn’t back out of carb it would do 7 donuts before you could stop it! Tried to buy car but he wouldn’t sell it to me!

  4. I have a 1969 dodge superbee 383 I been thinkin of selling. It’s complete car bt needs full restore. I’m not even sure where to start with a price. She was my dad’s highschool car and we always talked about restoring it. I haven’t touched it since he passed in 2014 and don’t think il have the time or money to do the car any justice anytime soon. Please email me if have any advice or would b interested in car


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