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Top-3 ‘Hyperdrive’ contestant heading to Arizona


There are many ways people become passionate about cars. It might be a mentor, attending a motorsports event, or for the next generation, it could be enjoying the adrenaline-filled action taking place on the obstacle course in the Netflix series Hyperdrive.

Finishing third in the inaugural series was driver Fielding Shredder — and yes, that is his real name —  and soon Shredder will be heading to Arizona as official influencer and guest judge for the 5th annual Future Collector Car Show, scheduled for January 12 in Scottsdale.

With more than a decade of experience in drifting and 5 years as an instructor at the Rally Ready Driving School, Shredder outscored 25 other contestants in the 10-episode television series.

“The new Hyperdrive series introduces yet another segment of the car culture attracting the next generation of car lovers,” ClassicCars.com founder and chief executive Roger Falcione said. “Fielding Shredder will bring a whole new perspective to the attendees of our 5th annual Future Collector Car Show that will further highlight new opportunities this industry has in store.”

Shredder on set with the new 2020 Toyota Supra

What you see on television isn’t always the whole story, especially when there are 28 personalities to introduce in only 10 episodes. But Shredder’s visit to Arizona will provide an opportunity for viewers to ask what it was like to be on the show.  Shredder also served recently as one of the factory test drivers for a Toyota USA media project featuring the 2020 Supra.

Shredder is responsible for some of those on track segments you see in the Supra advertisement. 

Instructor at the Rally Ready Driving School in Texas

“I’m an instructor at heart and have a passion for sharing any information I have about the automotive world,” he said. “I love educating people regardless of what subject. Anything from what tires to run for a specific use to how to establish sponsorships with brands and companies. I’m happy to share any information I can from what I’ve learned throughout the years so the car community can grow and flourish as fast as possible!”

After competing in the Lone Star Drift series, Shredder obtained his Formula Drift Pro2 license and his SCCA Rally Competitor license a few years later. He plans to use that rally license in 2020, he said. He also plans to compete three vehicle builds during the coming year.

Photo by Jason Scott

Documented on his YouTube channel, the main focus of each build is to educate viewers on some of the more logical and cost-effective ways to build a reliable and effective competition car. 

The three series will cover three builds: A Nissan S14 rally car build, a Nissan 350Z drift car build for the Texas Street Legal drifting competition and maintenance and repairs on the Hyperdrive Nissan 240SX drift car.

Shredder will be a guest judge for “Best Modified” vehicles at the Future Collector Car Show in January.

Rebecca Nguyen
Rebecca Nguyen
Rebecca is an experienced automotive motorsports photographer and enthusiast of all things with wheels. Former Marketing and Project Coordinator for several aftermarket brands, Rebecca has a unique perspective developed from being on several different sides of the automotive world. From developing innovative automotive products to doing her own DIY modifications on her 2003 Subaru WRX and 2014 Ducati Monster, Rebecca’s passion for the hobby brings fresh ideas to The Journal. In addition, she has spent many years publishing event coverage for events like SEMA, Formula Drift, and Global RallyCross while coordinating the annual Future Collector Car Show in Scottsdale Arizona.


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