This year, Trans Terras takes its Landy show to the coast

This year, Trans Terras takes its Landy show to the coast

Nearly 90 early ‘Landys’ gather at Marina del Rey

The inaugural Trans Terras gathering of vintage Land Rovers was held in 2018 and was one of the last events at Paramount Ranch before fire swept through the historic Hollywood Westerns movie set and sports car racing venue.

Undaunted, organizers staged a second Trans Terras gathering, earlier this month, this time at the private Motoring club in the upscale Los Angeles oceanside enclave of Marina del Rey

Nearly 90 Series I, II and III Land Rovers, classic Defenders and early Discoveries turned out, even a former military Land Rover 101 Forward Control that was the first of its kind seen in person by many of those in attendance.

Also being featured was the North American debut of the new 2020 Land Rover Defender, which made its global debut this fall at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany.

“It’s about shared interests and providing community,” Trans Terras founder Jared Zaugg was quoted in a post-event news release. “Land Rovers have always appealed to a certain personality and lifestyle and their popularity here in America is exploding. I wanted to create something that united enthusiasts and did it in a distinct way.” 

Trans Terras, he added, is taken from the Latin “across lands.”

“And it wasn’t just Land Rover owners that attended,” the news release noted. “Several guests arrived at the venue in classic cars from Porsche and Ferrari to Alfa Romeo and, yes, a defiant International Scout.” 

“Aficionados of classics appreciate anything with character,” Zaugg added. “While this is definitely a Land Rover event, and the exhibition will always be focused on Landys, it’s still a motoring event and being greeted in the parking lot with added color is welcomed.”

While not yet ready to announce the 2020 location, Zaugg said the venue will be in Southern California and the date will be in early November.

“The purpose of a different location each year is to keep the event fresh, promote discovery and provide a unique backdrop or ‘canvas’ for the exhibition. 

“After all, if Land Rovers represent adventure, the journey and experience is just as important – if not more so – as the destination.”

Photos by Chet Williams, Ilia Panov and Paw Litwinski

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