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Avalon King quality ceramic coating, simplistic application


Avalon King’s Armor Shield IX ceramic coating product may appear to be one of the simplest products you can use to keep your car looking clean for an extended period of time.

I am sure everyone can relate to the struggle of keeping their car clean for a long period of time while wishing it didn’t have to be washed so often. Over the years I have tested several such products. Different companies promote their product as “hydrophobic, gloss enhancing, and easy to use,” but somehow they fall short in at least one of those categories.

When it came to Armor Shield, I decided to approach it as someone who has never used a car care product before. First, I was impressed right away when opening the box. Avalon King provides the consumer with all of the necessary pieces needed to apply the Armor Shield to their vehicle.

The box includes the following:

  • (1) 30ml Bottle of Armor Shield IX
  • (1) Applicator Sponge
  • (3) Applicator Suedes
  • (1) Pair of Professional-Grade Nitrile Gloves
  • (1) Microfiber Buffing Towel
  • (1) Application Instructions

As far as the instructions go, they were short, simple, and easy to follow. One thing that stood out was the ability to apply the product in two different fashions, depending on how much time you are willing to spend on the process.

The most time-consuming part of the process is entirely dependent on you as the consumer. A deep wash and thorough check of the car is suggested before applying product because you want to ensure that the Armor Shield bonds to a clean surface.

When done with the prep work, you apply the product with either the smooth or rough side of the sponge and let it sit for the suggested amount of time before wiping off any excess with the provided Microfiber Buffering Towel. Since the temperature here in Arizona was in the triple digits, I let the product settle for two minutes and moved on to different areas of the car.

After finishing the application process, I waited 24 hours for the final result, which left me extremely impressed. Right after the first 24 hours I was able to notice a distinct difference in the quarter panels that had a light shining on them. Not only did the car have a wet appearance, the paint looked refreshed, as if it just came from the factory.

During a water test, various areas of the car proved to be hydrophobic and the water beaded up and rolled right off the car.

I am confident that Armor Shield IX will keep the car clean for many months and continue to impress.

Jared Costello
Jared Costello
Jared Costello’s interest in vehicles ranges from exotics to imports and of course, American muscle. As the youngest member of the ClassicCars team he understands a connection with the next generation of automotive enthusiasts while knowing the importance of the current generation’s passion. His favorite vehicle is the 1967 Shelby GT500 Eleanor.


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