SEMA Seen: AWD twin-turbo Dodge Charger among sea of Supras

SEMA Seen: AWD twin-turbo Dodge Charger among sea of Supras

Featuring a subtle yet aggressive carbon-fiber wide-body kit and Dodge Demon V8

The sea of Supras was anticipated and maybe why this car stood out to me.  Besides the 1,525 horsepower to the crank at a supposedly conservative 26 pounds of boost, this AWD Dodge Charger is a statement made by SpeedKore and unveiled at the MagnaFlow booth at the SEMA Show.

Four-door performance sedan

Performance sedans are becoming more popular,  thanks in part to the ability to justify the purchase by saying it’s a “family car.” It’s functional and sporty all in one.

But SpeedKore took it up a notch.  The unveiling exposed the first carbon-fiber wide-body, all-wheel-drive 2019 Dodge Charger, and with a twin-turbo 6.2-liter Dodge Demon V8.  The factory supercharger was replaced with two Prevision 6466 ball-bearing billet turbos and custom components built by SpeedKore, including the upper plenum.

Featuring a twin-turbocharged Dodge 6.2-liter Demon V-8

Featuring a twin-turbocharged Dodge 6.2-liter Demon V-8

Increased boost levels had SpeedKore addressing the heads by outfitting custom Thitek heads and a Boost Leash C02 progressive boost controller.  Running on E85, the build required a Fore innovations triple-pump fuel system with Injector Dynamics 1700cc injectors.

In order to create the carbon-fiber wide-body kit, SpeedKore 3D scanned a wide-body Dodge Charger and created a carbon-fiber hood, rear spoiler, rear bumper front bumper, fender flare set, rocker set and rear diffuser.

The Charger already is a pretty wide car and the thought of a wide-body version seemed overwhelming to me. To my pleasant surprise, the kit fit the body lines quite well and actually seemed a subtle addition.  Being all carbon-fiber, perhaps the black color helped tone down the body lines, but I was on board for it.

Interior upgrades for safety

Interior upgrades for safety

Wisconsin-based performance shop SpeedKore built the Charger for a returning customer, Alex Palermo.  He holds the Demon quarter-mile record with the previously built Dodge Demon by SpeedKore.  Palermo commissioned the Charger build as a 65th birthday surprise for an older brother who inspired Palermo’s love of Mopar.

Palermo’s brother loved the Demon but was more of a four-door guy, thus no other vehicle seemed more perfect than the Dodge Charger for this build.

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