Collier Car Clubs announce first location

Collier Car Clubs announce first location

Delray Beach, Florida, gets inaugural car storage, workshop, gathering clubhouse

Based on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Collier Collection at the Revs Institute is one of the world’s most respected car museums and the Revs Institute has become a leader, through its collection and library and an academic base at Stanford University in California, in the study of the automobile and its future. 

Recently, Miles and Parker Collier launched Meaningful Ventures, which introduced Collier AutoMedia and  has announced the first of the Collier Car Clubs with facility to be opened in Delray Beach on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. The Car Clubs are “premium, purpose-built membership garage for car lovers and collectors,” according to the announcement.

Autolab will offer tools, lifts and experts to do car care for collectors

“Collier Car Clubs is more than a high-quality storage facility, it is designed to be an active community for car lovers with expert staff and equipment on hand to support members’ car projects.”

Plans call for the facilities to include climate-controlled storage space for nearly 250 vehicles, work space with lifts, tools and staff, an area for the documentation of vehicle history and an area for events.

Construction is to begin this month at 777 South Congress Avenue.

“Collier Car Clubs will be more than just a storage space, it will be an active community where meaningful-car enthusiasts can store, wrench, meet, and plan in a collaborative environment,” Miles Collier, who is launching the project with his wife, Parker, is quoted in the news release. 

“Our mission is to build a future for the automobile by fostering a community dedicated to preserving its past.”

“South Florida is a region rich with car enthusiasts, meetups and happenings, making it the ideal location for this inaugural, flagship club,” added Frank Givens, who will serve as chief operating officer.

Membership details are available at the Collier Car Clubs website.

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