Bugatti supercar owners do the Grand Tour

An exclusive drive for owners of rather exclusive cars

At Place de la Concorde

It is not unusual for car clubs to go on driving tours. Sometimes they last a day, or maybe a full weekend. Or, for some special anniversary, they do a longer tour.

And then there is the rather exclusive club of folks who own modern Bugatti supercars. When they get together, they do things in grand style, such as the Grand Tour 2019, which recently celebrated the company’s 110th anniversary by traveling from Ettore Bugatti’s hometown of Milano in Italy to Molsheim in France, where he and his son, Jean, built their famed cars.

Oh, but rather than taking a direct route, the Grand Tour obviously had to visit Monaco, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Louis Chiron’s victory there, and Paris, where the Bugatti family lived for many years and where Carlo Bugatti won a silver medal for his furniture displayed at the Universal Exposition. 

There were other stops on the week-long event, including an air force base in honor of Ettore Bugatti’s design of what was intended to be the world’s fastest airplane

At various stops along the way, the newest Bugattis shared the roads with some of the oldest, including at the finale, where the year-long anniversary celebration reached its climax, the Grande Fête.

Bugattis on the road

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