Ranger off-roader has Ferrari heritage

Ranger off-roader has Ferrari heritage

Pick of the Day is an Italian-built micro car

Torino-based Ferves took its name from a shortened version of Ferrari Veicoli Speciali, or Ferrari Special Vehicles, and from 1966-71 produced around 600 examples of its Ranger off-road vehicle. One of those, a 1968 Ferves Ranger, is the Pick of the Day. 

The chubby, clubby little off-roader is being offered in an advertisement on ClassicCars.com by a dealership in Oceanside, New York.

Windscreen folds down

The dealership’s description of the vehicle is sparse, noting the 500cc engine, 4-speed gearbox, 18,000 kilometers traveled to date, that the vehicle was designed by Carlo Ferrari and is for sale for $39,000.

The Beaulieu Encyclopedia of the Automobile devotes a single paragraph to Ferves, noting that the Ranger was introduced at the Turin auto show in 1966 and was “an attractive looking and extremely compact all-terrain vehicle” with a rear-mounted 18 horsepower Fiat 550 engine, independent suspension from the Fiat 500D and with all-wheel drive. 

The encyclopedia adds that the windscreen folded down and the doors could be “fixed in the open position.” The vehicle had four seats. Later, a cargo/pickup version was added and late examples had 5-speed transmissions and offered such options as 2-wheel drive and locking differentials.

The encyclopedia makes no mention of Carlo Ferrari. And while RM Sotheby’s catalog from its London sale in 2015 credits the Rangers design to Carlo Ferrari, it includes no mention of the designer’s possible relationship to Enzo and the sports car manufacturing family.

There’s a convertible roof

The 1973 Ferves Ranger sold in London had previously been owned by famed designer Phillippe Starck and brought slightly less than $37,400 at the auction.

The seller offering the ’68 Ranger through the ClassicCars.com advertisement asks $39,000. Photographs with the advertisement show the car open and with a convertible-style roof covering.

To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.


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  • Fred Younes
    February 18, 2019, 7:29 AM

    40k for a walmart kids car shopping cart with a fiat powered lawn mower engine.

  • Jeffrey jeffsoap68@gmail.com
    February 18, 2019, 9:35 AM

    Super cool little car …but 40k? Some people have way to much money!!


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