‘Drive History’ conference set for April 11-13 in Allentown

‘Drive History’ conference set for April 11-13 in Allentown

Society of Automotive Historians will celebrate 50th anniversary at meeting that looks at the future of vehicle preservation

The Historic Vehicle Association’s third annual “Drive History” conference, scheduled for April 11-13 at Allentown, Pennsylvania, and co-hosted by the College of Charleston, this year also will be held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary gathering of the Society of Automotive Historians. 

“The International Drive History Conference is the first international academic event of its kind known to have taken place in North America,” the HVA said in announcing the 2019 conference agenda. 

“The event is bringing together scholars, practitioners, hobbyists, students, among others, who are interested in the history and preservation of motor vehicle heritage. 

“At the conference, we hope to exchange ideas and learn from one other about how the preservation of motor vehicle heritage can be made a more centrist part of the historic preservation field in respect to both tangible material culture and intangible traditions.”

In addition to presentations on Tucker preservation by the Pennsylvania College of Technology, on documentation of a 1966 Volkswagen bus for the National Historic Vehicle Register by the College of Charleston, a panel discussion involving curators from several major car museums, and one by Amanda Jo Lazowicki of Bucknell University on “Those Gosh Dern Millennials: Preserving Automotive History, Artifacts and Culture through Futuristic Technologies,” the program includes drives of vintage vehicles.

For more information, visit the HVA website.

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