Miura tops 81-car, barn-found auction trove

Miura tops 81-car, barn-found auction trove

Cars were dilapidated and not running

French auction house Interencheres recently handled the sale of a trove of 81 barn-found vehicles following the death of their owner, Henri Ruggieri. Many of the vehicles were in dilapidated condition and, according to media reports, none of them were in running condition.

However, “there is one amazing gem among them,” Fox News reported. 

“It’s a 1968 Lamborghini Miura P400 supercar, the 118th of just 225 that were made. Even in its destitute condition — with nearly 50,000 miles on the odometer, a respray and a reupholstered interior — it’s estimated to be worth between $450,000 and $650,000, but could sell for over $1 million if fully restored.”

The auction was held on January 20 and the Miura sold for €560,000 ($645,000).

Also at the auction, a 1961 Jaguar E-type Series 1 coupe brought €99,000 ($113,670) and a 1953 Porsche 356 Pre A went for €48,000 ($55,100).

However, many of the vehicles, such as a 1939 Panhard & Levassor Dynamic and a 1937 Graham 6-116 cabriolet, sold for well below $10,000.

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