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Big-block trove headed to auction


Tom Brown grew up watching the local cars tearing up the pavement in and around Cincinnati, Ohio, and wanted to join in, finally finding an early ‘50s Ford sedan to get him into the action.

But Brown was disappointed. He just couldn’t win a race. So he decided to join the world of Chevys, buying his first “big block,” a 1961 Impala with a W-motor, 348cid and 4-speed. Now he could compete.

Little did Brown know at the time as he prowled the back roads around Cincinnati, he’d eventually put together a collection of big blocks that would reflect an era where big cubic inches ruled drag strips and race tracks and most every car enthusiast’s dreams.

But first, Brown needed to raise a family so early on the 348 Impala was sold off. That didn’t deterBrown from pursuing his passion for big engines and GM muscle. Once his son was old enough, the two of them, father and son, got serious about finding and restoring anything Chevrolet and the Brown collection grew to include not only some rare vehicles, but also a sizable hoard of parts found during his relentless search for anything and everything GM muscle. It wasn’t unusual for Brown to fly all over the country to retrieve cars and parts, and it wasn’t long before the accumulation became massive.

Chevys, Big-block trove headed to auction, ClassicCars.com Journal
Brown didn’t just track vehicles. He managed to find everything from original engine blocks and transmissions to every component needed to get most any Chevrolet muscle car back on the road

Brown’s son died unexpectedly and suddenly his dreams of sharing his love of muscle cars was pushed aside, though he hasn’t lost the passion for the era and all it provided for power hungry enthusiasts. He continued to devote time to the hobby along with his son’s best friend, but he knew things would never be quite what he imagined.

Brown decided it was the time to open the collection up to public inspection and sale. Selling can be an emotional experience and he wanted someone to handle things in a way that he could be totally comfortable with the result.

Yvette Vanderbrink of Hardwick, Minnesota, has established herself as a “barn find” specialist and her auction company has handled collections throughout the central United States. Brown knew about her and decided she was the one to come and evaluate what he had and set up the sale, which takes place August 25 in Vicksburg, Michigan.

Vanderbrink headed to Michigan to see what the collection might contain and was caught off guard when the shed doors opened and she was presented with “horsepower as far as you could see!”

Chevys, Big-block trove headed to auction, ClassicCars.com Journal
Among a group of 10 Camaros, this one holds some special provenance as one of the cars used by Berger Chevrolet as a drag and promotional car in 1968. Berger was one of the biggest suppliers of performance parts

“I’m a Chevelle and Camaro girl,” Vanderbrink said, “and this collection just blew me away. The whole place was packed full of Camaros, Chevelles, Corvettes and even a 1933 Ford 5-window coupe.”

Vanderbrink began the task of documenting the entire collection of vehicles and parts and came up with some rare, hard-to-find vehicles. The majority of the collection, obviously, was GM with multiple Chevelles, Monte Carlos, Impalas, Novas, El Caminos, Camaros and Corvettes. But Brown loves anything most anything with wheels and an engine and it wasn’t unusual for him to see something interested driving down the road and he’d chase it down to haggle with the owner about selling it to him.

That resulted in a 1993 Ford 5-window coupe that is an old-school hot rod, a 1949 Mercury 2-door sedan project car perfect for a custom treatment or a 1940 Ford 5-window coupe that at one time in the 1960s was an award winning show car. There’s a plethora of others… Plymouth, Desoto, Pontiac Firebirds and GTO, Oldsmobiles and Buicks.

Chevys, Big-block trove headed to auction, ClassicCars.com Journal
Nothing says ‘big block’ quite like a 1967 427 tri-power Corvette

But the main attraction for Brown was anything and everything big block. Tri-power 427 ‘67 and ’68 Corvettes head the list of seven ‘60s and ‘70s Chevrolet sports cars and there are 10 Camaros, including a former Berger Chevrolet ’68 drag car still sporting its 396 4-speed drivetrain, 4.10 rear gears and just 10,000+ miles on the odometer. 

And, of course, there are piles of parts — 396 engines, a ’69 COPO 427 warranty motor, carbs, trannys, intakes, heads, shifters, sheetmetal. Brown even had eight open and closed trailers used to transport cars and parts and they are being sold off as well.

Though this isn’t the largest collection Vanderbrink has handled, it is one of the more unusual due to its primary focus on GM muscle of the ‘60s and ‘70s. 

Tom Brown gathered up some of the most iconic big-block power of the muscle car era and now is opening his stash to bring it back out into the world.

Chevys, Big-block trove headed to auction, ClassicCars.com Journal
With his buildings stuffed full of muscle, Tom Brown talks with part of the crew brought in to help document and sort cars and parts for his sale
Jim Volgarino
Jim Volgarino
At age 12, Jim Volgarino peeked under the hood of his grandfather’s 1957 Oldsmobile and saw a Rocket 88 for the first time. He was hooked. Following stints in the Air Force, the newspaper business, the printing business, and the teaching business he’s finally settled into his first love… automotive writing. He’s covered everything from Bonneville Speed Week to the Lambrecht Chevrolet auction in Pierce, Nebraska, from his home in Cedar Falls, Iowa. He’s owned pretty much anything and everything with a motor and wheels. Currently, he’s restoring a 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409.


    • Tom is an amazing person. Wealth if knowledge and always full of 1 liners. Know GM numbers backwards n forwards. Come and see him at the sale.


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