Better late than… Ferrari hosts a 50th birthday party for the Dino

More than 150 of the 6-cylinder sports cars gather in Maranello

Ferrari waited a year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its Dino model, which it did this past weekend when owners from around the world brought more than 150 of the cars to Maranello, Italy, to celebrate the road debut of the first production version.

The car, named for Enzo Ferrari’s late son and the V6 engine he helped design, made its debut as a prototype at the Paris Motor Show in 1965. A year later, the concept again was displayed, this time at the Turin Motor Show in Italy. 

It wasn’t until November 1966 that the car made its official motor show debut, at the Frankfurt show.

The car’s 50th anniversary should have been celebrated during the 2017 model year, but Ferrari was busy with other festivities — the 70th anniversary of Ferrari as an automaker. Thus the Dino celebration was put off until now, and the 50th anniversary of the actual on-the-road debut of the production version of the car.

The debut occurred in May 1968.

The somewhat tardy anniversary party started at the Maranello Museum and then moved to the Fiorano test track. After a parade lap, the cars were driven to the Ferrari factory where their owners took part in a special tour. The day ended with the cars being driven one at a time under the arch of the historical Ferrari entrance on Via Abetone Inferiore.


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