Quieting insulation for restoration projects

Quieting insulation for restoration projects

Design Engineering releases new Flex damping material

Damping material used to be limited to certain sections of a vehicle, but Boom Mat Flex has been designed to insulate and protect even the most challenging areas, including wheel wells, fenders and around tubing and pipes.

Boom Mat Flex was created to improve the overall comfort of the vehicle by reducing vibration and noise while protecting the car from extreme heat and cold, according to Design Engineering.

The flexible peel-and-stick damping material is made of 2.5mm Butyl rubber and has a clear poly surface with a black textured finish. It’s available in packs of 2, 4 or 10 sections, each section a 12-inch square which can be trimmed as needed to precise coverage.

For more information visit DesignEngineering.com.

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