Modern radio for classic GM vehicles

Modern radio for classic GM vehicles

RetroSound offers modern Wonderbar

RetroSound, which specializes in audio solutions for restoration vehicles, has put a modern spin on the vintage Wonderbar radios that were originally installed in GM vehicles. The RetroSound Wonderbar looks like a classic radio, but is equipped with Bluetooth, iPod and iPhone compatibility, and is satellite radio-capable without the need for special adapters.

Sound is provided by a built-in 25 watt RMS x 4-channel amplifier, and the radio display can be customized in a seemingly infinate number of colors.

For more information on the RetroSounds Wonderbar, visit RestroSounds.com.


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1 Comment

  • Steve
    March 1, 2018, 6:27 PM

    I am restoring a 1966Mustang
    Do you make this radio for that car?


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