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Before and after RibTrax floor installation


Organization is key to getting things done. There’s nothing like a messy garage to drain the motivation out of a car project.

Even if you do power through and get to work, it’s hard to maintain momentum when you have to stop and search for tools or move things out of the way.

Did you ever consider that the answer to your organizational problems might be beneath your feet?

RibTrax garage floor tiles claims to provide better organization in a stylish, easy-to-install package. Garage mechanics also can use them to designate work spaces.

Engineered by SwissTrax, RibTrax tiles are designed to protect and improve the floor’s appearance. They’re created to be easy to clean, virtually indestructible and they look cool.

But it’s about more than making your floor look cooler, it’s about creating a space in which you are proud to work. That’s why RibTrax are installed throughout the ClassicCars.com offices.

Covering that uninspiring corporate carpet with a fresh look breathed new life into our workplace.

Working on genuine flooring that’s used by Rockstar, Ford, Dodge and Barrett Jackson also makes us feel more in tune with the hobby.


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