Resto-mod 1950 Willys Jeep wagon

Resto-mod 1950 Willys Jeep wagon

The Pick of the day takes the resto-mod concept to a high level of style and performance while looking better than original

The basic concept of a resto-mod is to have an original-looking vintage vehicle with the underpinnings, driveline and features of a modern car so you could drive it anywhere with reliability and comfort.

What makes the Pick of the Day, a 1950 Willys Jeep wagon, so interesting is that the restored body seems to be especially well-done, in original trim but brought to an impressive, better-than-factory level.

Resto-mod 1950 Willys Jeep wagon | Journal

This ‘tin woody’ really shines

Add to that a 350cid Corvette V8, 700R automatic transmission, custom frame and suspension, four-wheel disc brakes and a host of “new and professionally restored mechanicals,” and you have a Willys wagon that goes way beyond its original intent while still looking correct. And ready to drive cross-country.

“This build is so over-the-top outstanding that we can honestly say that we’ve never witnessed a Willys this unique and beautiful before; the craftsmanship is truly off the charts in every possible way,” says the Fairfield, California, dealer advertising the Jeep on “This is a four-owner classic that has spent the vast majority of its life in California, only to be fully restored to better-than-new condition within the past couple of years.”

Resto-mod 1950 Willys Jeep wagon | Journal

The woodgrain paint was professionally applied

“This Willys was very tastefully restored by many of the best names in the business to what borders on a museum-quality exterior,” the ad continues. “Check out the partial build sheet below to understand the thousands of hours that went into this epic build.”

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The dealer describes the Jeep as having “Brilliant Blue exterior paint, immaculate woodgrain two-tone paneling and a cream vinyl interior.” The faux painted wood side panels are impressively rendered, with more than 300 hours spent on restoration by artist Dennis Price, according to the dealer.

Resto-mod 1950 Willys Jeep wagon | Journal

The white-out interior might not be to everybody’s taste

“It’s almost impossible to describe the overall beauty of the woodgrain in words – it is flawless in every sense of the word,” the dealer says. “Quite possible the nicest recreation of a ‘tin woody’ nationwide.”

The wagon is described as being totally roadworthy with just a few flaws under the hood that reveal its use. It certainly looks like an outstanding piece in the photos. The steel wheels and stock Willys hubcaps are a nice resto-mod touch.

After all this hyperbolic praise, the asking price seems reasonable at $44,900, which is most certainly way less than it took to get this Jeep into such primo condition.

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