Rare 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL R-Code

Rare 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL R-Code

The Galaxie packs a 425-horsepower, 427 cid V8 and other tweaks from Ford's NASCAR racing efforts

What appears at first to be simply a nicely restored Ford Galaxie 500 is actually a genuine piece of muscle car and NASCAR history, rare and coveted and ready to romp.

The Pick of the Day is one of a handful of 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL R-Code fastbacks built by the factory and packing the 425-horsepower 427 cid – the largest engine size allowed under NASCAR rules at the time – and with a laid-back rear roofline designed to improve aerodynamics on the superspeedways.

The fastback roofline was designed for high-speed aerodynamics

According to the Mill Hall, Pennsylvania, dealer advertising this black beauty on ClassicCars.com, the car is an authentic Galaxie R-Code with the correct date-coded engine, build sheet, photo album and “all the factory markings under the hood and underneath the car.”

“Appearing as a 1963½ model, the 500 XL was based on Ford’s newest NASCAR efforts and proved to be an instant sales success,” the seller says in the ad. “Ford built 18,551 Galaxie 500 XLs in 1963, but fewer than 100 had the R-code engine.”

The 427 cid V8 was developed for NASCAR racing

As with many such showroom efforts, the 500 XL R-code came from the world of motorsports.

“In the early 1960s, Ford, GM, and Chrysler slugged it out door handle to door handle on the nation’s drag strips, NASCAR ovals and road-racing circuits,” the seller notes. “Manufacturers stuffed the largest-possible engines into their full-sized, two-door models to create true performance versions.

“To meet FIA and NASCAR displacement rules, these immensely powerful motors were limited to seven liters, or just over 427 cubic inches. Thus were born the 426-inch motors from Dodge/ Plymouth, 421s from Pontiac and 427s from Chevrolet and Ford.”

The sporty red interior was completely redone

The Galaxie’s engine is backed by a four-speed manual transmission and the factory upgrades required to handle the immense muscle. The odometer shows 58,702 miles.

The Ford has had a “complete nut-and-bolt restoration” by a performance expert, including an engine rebuild by Dingler Racing Engines, according to the ad. The photos with the ad display the stunning result, with the Galaxie finished in gleaming black paint with a red interior, always a favorable color scheme.

Since this rare factory hot rod is apparently the real deal, it commands the real-deal price tag of $139,995. And for true Ford muscle-car fanatics, it doesn’t get much better than this.

To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day

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