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Old Mustangs, 911s and Minis kept ticking


Note: Video above is from the company’s 2015 KickStarter campaign.

As the story goes, it was sometime in 2014 that self-proclaimed “petrol heads and watch fanatics” Jonathan Kamstup and Christian Mygh mixed those passions with enough aged whisky that they decided to launch their own watch-making business in Copenhagen, Denmark.

REC Watches takes its name from recover, recycle and reclaim.

Old Mustangs, 911s and Minis kept ticking | ClassicCars.com Journal
911 components are part of REC’s 901 Collection | REC Watches photos

“We identify and recover salvage icons from all over the world, tracking its story and origin,” they say on the company website, which notes the car parts come from vehicles 30 to 60 years old.

“The components of the salvaged icon (are) recycled to the extent possible, preserving as much of the patina as possible.”

And thusly, each watch ends up being unique, and comes with a video showing the donor vehicle and where it was located.

Finally, “The recycled components are repurposed as components in a brand new and utterly unique timepiece.”

Old Mustangs, 911s and Minis kept ticking | ClassicCars.com Journal
P-51 watches are made with parts salvaged from old Mustangs

Lately, the company has gotten a lot of attention for its P-51 Collection of watches made of recycled components from Ford Mustangs. But it also has three other car-oriented lines — The 901 Collection made from salvaged Porsche 911 bits, The Mark I Collection made with pieces of Mini Coopers, and the separate Cooper Collection, also using Mini components.

The company also offers a limited-edition Mustang-component watches.

Old Mustangs, 911s and Minis kept ticking | ClassicCars.com Journal
Mark I Collection uses pieces of old Minis

It also is getting ready to start working on its next collection and asks visitors to its website to vote on the donor vehicles for that endeavor. The candidates are Willys Jeep, Alfa Romeo Duetto, Supermarine Spitfire, BMW M3 E30 and Triumph Bonneville.

REC Watches are available at certain retail stores in Europe or can be ordered through the website. Prices generally are in the $345 to $1,695 range.


Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
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