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Restored MGB seems ideal for someone’s first classic


When aspiring collectors ask me what the best choice is for their first classic sports car, my answer is always the same, the MGB.

The MGB captures everything that is great in classic sports cars and packages it in a nice looking body, pairs it with durable and easy to maintain mechanicals, and comes together as a very nice looking car that is fun to drive and inexpensive to buy and to fix.

Sure, the MGB is a bit common, but a nice example is a car you can drive and enjoy for years.

Restored MGB seems ideal for someone’s first classic | ClassicCars.com

When it was introduced in the U,S. in 1963, the MGB featured modern conveniences such as roll-up windows and a top that was fairly easy to deploy when fair weather turned to foul.

Among MG enthusiasts today, the most desirable B cars are the early cars, often called pull-handle cars due to the fact that their door handles are of the type you pull instead of pushing a button as on the later cars. Our Pick of the Day is just one of those early cars, a 1963 MGB located in Powell River, British Columbia.

According to the seller advertising this car on ClassicCars.com, this MGB has been completely restored. It was in storage for 35 years and has been driven only 51,000 miles since new.

That is all the description says, but the pictures add a lot to the story. They show a car that looks like it received a decent restoration, although the seats, while the correct seats, were customized when recovered. If I were to buy this MGB, all I would do is to replace seat the material with the proper piped-leather seat covers.

The car still has its hard-to-find original steering wheel and, with the exception of a aftermarket radio, looks to be correct. The Iris Blue paint color is correct for a 1963 model and is a nice period color for the car. The optional painted wire wheels complete the look of a classic British roadster.

The car also looks like it might be overdrive equipped as it looks like it features an overdrive switch on the right side of the dash. If this is the case, it makes for a nice car not only on back roads but on the highway as well.

In the past few years early examples of the MGB have slowly crept up in value and this one, with an asking price of only $9,500 or best offer, looks like a very good deal.

If this MGB checks out as a nice car, this one would be a car that you could drive, show, and enjoy for years to some.

To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.



Andy Reid
Andy Reid
Andy Reid's first car, purchased at age 15, was a 1968 Fiat 124 coupe. His second, obtained by spending his college savings fund, was a 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. Since then, he has owned more than 150 cars—none of them normal or reasonable—as well as numerous classic motorcycles and scooters. A veteran of film, television, advertising and helping to launch a few Internet-based companies, Reid was a columnist for Classic Motorsports magazine for 12 years and has written for several other publications. He is considered an expert in European sports and luxury cars and is a respected concours judge. He lives in Canton, Connecticut.



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