Fun for all ages: Download a free 4-page VW coloring book

Fun for all ages: Download a free 4-page VW coloring book offers free download of PDF coloring book featuring the Beetle, Bus and Thing

Adult coloring books have become a big hit, but says it’s OK for children to enjoy a free VW coloring book. The downloadable PDF features a Volkswagen Beetle, a Bus and a Thing.

“Pretty much everyone knows what a VW Beetle looks like, but we’re hoping this PDF coloring booklet will be a fun way for enthusiasts to introduce the Bus and the Thing to their kids and grandkids,” Rocco Demas, parts manager at, said in a news release.

”We decided that a VW coloring book would be a fun freebie we could offer fans of all ages.”

“Coloring is often thought of as an activity for children,” the news release noted. “However, according to research completed by Nancy Curry and Tim Kasser in 2005, coloring has therapeutic benefits for adults. Their study showed that coloring reduced anxiety levels in adults. As a result of this research, a new genre of adult coloring books has emerged.

“The free Volkswagen coloring booklet features the VW models in three unique scenes of sun and sand. Each scene is complex enough to be challenging to adults but simple enough to be appealing to children.”

The four-page coloring book can be downloaded free at the special website.



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