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Devilray: The ‘new classic’ from N2A Motors and Gene Langmesser


Automotive designer Gene Langmesser and N2A Motors set out to create a time machine, a vehicle that transports drivers back to a time when American muscle ruled the streets but that also includes modern technology, power and comfort.

With a classic Corvette Stingray as the canvas, N2A Motors and Gene Langmesser created the Devilray.

The Devilray has the look of a classic Stingray, but it’s modern carbon composite body, leather interior, 6-speed transmission and out-of-the-box 440-plus horsepower engine distinguish it as an advanced race of Corvette.

The Devilray GT and RR options include luxurious interior features, upgrades to power and speed and a look that is all their own.

Optional performance kits deliver power ranging from 520 hp to 1000. Available carbon fiber options include engine covers, air induction systems, fuse boxes, and master cylinder, water and power steering reservoirs.

Only 50 of these cars will be made. For each Devilray sold, Langmesser will donate $1,000 to Oceana, a global non-profit dedicated to restoring the oceans and protecting marine life -– including devil rays.


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