Pick of the Day: 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

Pick of the Day: 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

‘She has her age spots but is still a classic beauty,’ the seller notes.

I don’t know if it was a Revel or AMT kit, but I assembled one of these in scale-model plastic when I was a kid, though due to my youthful clumsiness with the tube of glue and garish decals, mine didn’t look nearly as nice as this unrestored original.

The Pick of the Day is this 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV, being offered by a private seller in New Haven, Connecticut.

Note: Although the headline on the advertisement on ClassicCars.com says the car is a Mark III, the seller notes early in the text that the car is a Mark IV, not a III.

The seller bought the car from someone who had owned it since 1963.

“She has her age spots but is still a classic beauty,” the seller notes.

“This car is a blast to drive and runs very well,” the seller adds. “Starts right up, shifts beautifully and the brakes are perfect after the recent work.

“Yes, there are some minor engine leaks but given the age, they are minimal and most come from the auto-lubricating system that is something special to see in these cars.

“All the power windows, with the exception of the passenger butterfly, work well including the rear seat center breezeway window. Some of the power window switches themselves could use a rebuild but all the motors and power mechanisms work.

“Both driver and front passenger windows are cracked but they open and close fine, should be replaced, will cost a few hundred dollars.

“All the chrome, and with this car that is a lot, is there.

“All the lights, signals, wipers, power door locks — they all work just fine.

“The fuel gauge doesn’t work but all the other gauges and lights in the dash are functional. The interior upholstery on the seats is original so the leather could be replaced, it is cracked with age. I found a place that sells the original brocade fabric pattern so a new, original look is very doable and not that expensive.

“There are some rust spots, nothing deep at all.”

The seller notes that the car was repainted in the 1980s at a body shop. “It was a body shop special, not a showroom paint job.”

The seller notes that “time and circumstances mean I have to move this car for other projects… She has to go to a better home, or I will need a new one.”

The asking price is $10,600.

To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.



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