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1994 Dodge Viper RT/10


The Dodge Viper is a low-mileage survivor said to be in excellent condition
The Dodge Viper is a low-mileage survivor said to be in excellent condition

Now that we know Dodge Viper production ends after this model year, the Pick of the Day goes back to the roots of the V10-powered roadster with one of the first-gen models in low-mileage survivor condition.

This 1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 has been driven only 13,090 miles in its 23 years by just two owners, according to the dealer in Hailey, Idaho, advertising the car on

The Viper's audacious styling included huge fender cutouts
The Viper’s audacious styling included huge fender cutouts

In 1992, after teasing the public for several years with a spectacular concept prototype, Dodge unleashed its no-holds-barred sports car with the promise of uncompromising performance from its 400-horsepower aluminum V10.

The first-generation Viper was a lightweight, stripped-down torque monster, unsullied by electronic nanny controls. The driver was on his or her own. A true roadster, the Viper had no external door handles, roll-up windows or a proper roof (the supplied fabric top was more like an ill-fitting toupee). All the more to enjoy the purity of driving behind the muscular V10 and the joy of the Viper’s agile handling.

This Viper looks sinister in black, hunkered down over a new set of ZR-rated Michelin Pilot Sports tires. It appears like new in the photos with the ad, and the dealer notes that the car was “garage kept and it shows.”

Viper's V10 engine set new standards for performance
Viper’s V10 engine set new standards for performance

“Both owners lived in Idaho, which is an ideal car-preserving climate,” according to the ad.   “This first-generation Viper is an excellent example.”

The car is freshly serviced and detailed, the dealer says, and ready to drive – with due respect because the Viper will bite if the driver is not careful when accessing all that brute power.

The roadster comes complete with the skimpy top, side-curtain windows, removeable glass rear window and snap-on tonneau cover, which are all in excellent condition, the dealer says.

Considering its well-preserved condition and ultra-low mileage, the Viper seems like a good deal at the asking price $35,995.

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Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen
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