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1972 Ford Bronco


1972 Ford Bronco
1972 Ford Bronco

As enthusiasts anticipate the debut of the new Ford Bronco, interest in early models continues to build. From the factory, the Bronco is a pretty fun machine, but when you swap in a 5.0-liter Coyote, it’s taken to an entirely new level of fun and is one of the driving forces behind what made this the Pick of the Day.

Listed on ClassicCars.com, this 1972 Ford Bronco has recently gone through a restoration performed by a shop that exclusively builds Broncos, and there are more than 600 photos of the Bronco throughout the process.

5.0 Coyote engine

According to the seller, this Bronco is powered by a Ford factory Coyote (Ford’s name for its overhead-cam V8) crate engine, hooked to an overdrive automatic transmission. The swap appears to be very clean as the Coyote is not cluttered with wires and the engine bay doesn’t look as though someone went at it aimlessly with sheers. The seller comments in the listing that special attention was given to wiring placement to give the appearance that the Coyote has not been fully connected and wired into the vehicle. The air conditioning operates and works well, the seller adds.

The listing also notes the Bronco has received a custom set of doors that were created by modifying the factory steel doors.

To complete the look, the Bronco sits with a lift and on a set of 36-inch tires. It is seen in the listing photos with a cage and bright orange paint, which complements the black interior.

The Bronco is offered for $145,000 by a dealer in Pensacola, Florida.

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