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SEMA Seen: 1965 Ford Mustang


1965 Ford Mustang | Photos by Hans Marquez

While the motto at SEMA is that this is the year of the truck, I’d say that on another level, this is the year of the 1000-plus-horsepower, wide-body-classic Mustang.

Ken Block brought his Version Two Hoonicorn Mustang, but this year we also are seeing several cars of a similar caliber, such as this 1965 Mustang from Timeless Kustoms.

Dubbed the Vicious Mustang, Timeless Kustoms revealed the twin-charged Coyote-powered wide-body Mustang at the Magnaflow booth.

Engine bay of the 1965 Ford Mustang

The 5.0-liter Coyote has been fitted with a Magnacharger supercharger and a pair of Precision turbos. The Supercharger is easily seen while the turbos are more subtle and the air-to-air intercoolers are tucked away and mostly out of sight as well.

MoTeC ECU controls the car’s boost and fuel while power is applied via a Centerforce Clutch and EMCO Gear’s sequential racing transmission controlled with a set of paddle shifters that have been mounted behind the steering wheel.

Other unique components include the use of Dynacorn sheetmetal to convert the coupe to a fastback, bright red interior, and the car sits atop an Art Morrison chassis that uses C7 Corvette-based suspension.

Nicole James
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  1. Why does the picture of “Engine Bay of 1965 Ford Mustang” look all wrong. Looks like a Rotary engine and the car has pop-up headlights. I believe it to be an RX-7. Someone messed up the pictures.

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