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1924 Ford Model T custom pickup


The 1924 Ford 'Tall T' custom pickup was created from a stock-body Model T truck
The 1924 Ford ‘Tall T’ custom pickup was created from a stock-body Model T truck

Texans ride tall in the saddle, they say, although this is probably not what they had in mind. The Pick of the Day might look like an odd custom-bodied creation, but the street rod actually was built from an authentic 1924 Ford Model T pickup, lofty roofline and all.

Dubbed the “Tall T” pickup, the truck is located in Arlington, Texas, so you might consider the T to stand for Texan. And while the custom truck’s high center of gravity might not be so great for turning corners, it should be great at turning heads. Plus, plenty of room for a 10-gallon cowboy hat.

The Ford 'Tall T' looks to have plenty of headroom
The Ford ‘Tall T’ looks to have plenty of headroom

“This is a classic where headroom is never a concern,” the classic car dealer says in the ClassicCars.com listing. “That high roof line is all original to this Tall T pickup and sure does grab a lot of attention. You don’t see a lot of these old pickups, and many that have seen this one report it’s the very first.”

Something about the visual contrast between the extra-tall cab and the crouching suspension works very well here, evoking a vintage Von Dutch vibe. The original four-piece hood has louvered side panels, and the chrome radiator shell is nestled behind original but lowered headlights, the seller notes. The chrome wheels are fitted with simple dog-dish hubcaps.

The doors are emblazoned with the vintage-style gold logo of the possibly mythical Swift Creek Ranch of Morgan, Texas.

The original hand crank still pokes out from under the radiator, although the truck now has an electric starter to cope with its hot-rodder-approved 383-stoker Chevy V8. The Tall T is easily drivable, the dealer adds, with a 700R4 automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, and air suspension. It’s equipped for heavy hauling with a special towing package “built to handle pulling anything you put behind it.”

The custom interior blends modern features with vintage accents, including a brass steering wheel and classic gauges. The height of the cab allows for two custom consoles, one on the floor and one coming down from the ceiling, which houses the audio system.

The asking price for this most-unusual piece of classic hot-rod finery is $34,350, which seems like a bargain considering the likely cost of construction. And it should be a real standout at any custom-car show.

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