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Classics dominate as Bonhams makes its Amelia Island debut with $13.8 million sale


The 1930 Cord L-29 is in remarkable condition for an 86-year-old unrestored survivor | Bonhams photos
1930 Cord Model L-29 Town Car tops Bonhams’ Amelia Island debut sale | Bonhams photo

The auction action at Amelia Island began Thursday with Bonhams’ debut sale, which posted $13.8 million in transactions according to Hagerty, the classic car auto insurer and value-guide publisher that monitors such major auctions.

A couple of true classics led the sale, both exceeding $1.7 million (including buyer’s premium). A 1930 Cord Model L-29 Town Car sold for $1.76 million and a 1908 American Underslung 50HP roadster went for $1.738 million.

Also topping the $1 million mark was a 1932 Stutz DV-32 Super Bearcat convertible that sold for $1.012 million.

Next on the top-10 list was yet another pre-war classic, a 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Transformable Phaeton that sold for $742,500.

Ferrari Dino sells for $495,000 | Andy Reid photo
Ferrari Dino sells for $495,000 | Andy Reid photo

Post-war cars took the next two spots — a 1981 BMW M1 going for $605,000 and a 1969 Ferrari Dino 206 GT for $495,000. The strong sales figure for the M1 and Dino may be indicative of the generational shift taking place within the classic car community, Hagerty indicated, citing the cars particular appeal to the next-generation of buyers.

Along those same lines, a 1997 Porsche 911 Turbo sold for $210,000 and a 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB coupe sold went for $115,500.

Overall, 78 percent of the 83 cars offered were hammered sold.

Here’s the complete top-10 list:

  1. 1930 Cord Model L-29 Town Car sold for $1,760,000
  2. 1908 American Underslung 50HP Roadster sold for $1,738,000
  3. 1932 Stutz DV-32 Super Bearcat Convertible sold for $1,012,000
  4. 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom I Transformal Phaeton sold for $742,500
  5. 1981 BMW M1 Coupe sold for $605,000
  6. 1969 Ferrari Dino 206 GT Coupe sold for $495,000
  7. 1925 Bentley 3-Litre Four-Seater Touring sold for $462,000
  8. 1912 Peerless Model 60 Runabout sold for $440,000
  9. 1952 Alfa Romeo 1900C Sprint sold for $415,800
  10. 1980 Ferrari 512 BB Coupe sold for $359,700

Auctions continue Friday with Gooding & Company’s sale and the first day of the Hollywood Auction’s event. RM Sotheby holds its Amelia Island auction Saturday.

Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
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