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Window shopping with Nicole at Silver Auctions


Going to the preview for the Silver Auction felt as relaxed as an average night at the Pavs or any local cruise-in. Owners were near their cars and happy to answer any questions, such as telling me the history of the vehicle. There also was a great mix of modern and classic imports, and domestics as well as custom cars and stock vehicles.

If I were to buy a car at an auction, I think it would be this one because it wasn’t as intimidating as the other giant sales. I felt welcome to ask questions, interact with the owners, and the whole set up was l more relaxed.

Here are the cars I want to take home with me:

2003 Mercedes Benz SL500
What I like about this car is that it’s relatively new and sporty. Its sleek and elegant design makes it timeless. The car is in pristine condition from Oregon. The silver paint is a little boring, but with the monstrous 5-liter V8, you will be going so fast the paint color won’t matter.
1968 Ford Mustang
I feel like this car is one of those rare finds you can only dream about. This 1968 Mustang is a California Special. Production of this car ran for only 5 1/2 months, from mid-February to early August during 1968, making the California Special a very collectible car. Shelby Automotive was assigned the task of designing and engineering the necessary parts to create this pony car.
1956 BMW Isetta
I have really grown to love the Isetta since the start of auction week. At first they were just funny looking cars and you wanted to pinch their cheeks, but now I just view them as awesome after having seen so many. The front of the car is the only door and this craft will get you places on three wheels. Plus you just gotta love that Mint paint.
1951 Chevrolet 3100
While I am predominantly a race car lover, trucks catch my eye every once in a while and this one speaks to me. Im not sure if it’s the large front grill, or the cream color paint, or maybe even the split windshield… Something about this truck hits a sweet spot and I’d love to take it home.
1986 Nissan 300ZX
I love modifications done to vehicles, but in this case I can appreciate that it is unmolested and adult driven. The car is in excellent condition and is all original with a turbo V6. For any aspiring drifters or Z enthusiasts, this would be a really great platform to start modifying or to keep as a pristine original.
1961 Triumph TR 3
The Triumph TR3 is a sports car produced between 1955 and 1962 by Standard-Triumph in England. This car has outstanding paint and detail work that the current owner clams to be “Concours” quality. It is amazingly nice to look at cosmetically. This TR3 is one of the nicest examples available anywhere at any price.


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