British company restores 16 classic Citroen 2CVs for adventure-trip rentals

16 2CVs ready for adventure
2CV Adventures has a fleet of Citroens for rent and rallies | 2CV Adventures photos
2CV Adventures has a fleet of Citroens for rent and rallies | 2CV Adventures photos

Sounds like a hoot: 2CV Adventures of Hampshire, England, went out earlier this year, bought 16 classic Citroen 2CVs, restored them and now plans to use them for tours, rallies, corporate events, even to help people celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.

“You don’t have to ship your own car, bring the spares, create a route, book hotels, insure the cars or look after them. We do it all of you,” 2CV Adventures co-founder Toby Kilner said in a news release.

Kilner was a contestant in British television’s Scrapheap Challenge, a show that challenged teams to build a working machine within a 10-hour time period. The program was copied in the United States and was televised as Junkyard Wars on The Learning Channel. Kilner’s partner in the 2CV venture is rally organizer John Bridges.

“Anyone who’s spent time at the wheel of a 2CV will know that they are enormous fun and are the perfect antidote to the dull driving experience offered by most of today’s cars,” Kilner added.  “There’s very little on the road that will get more attention than 16 red and white 2CVs in a convoy!”

16 2CVs ready for adventure
16 2CVs ready for adventure

In 2015, 2CV Adventures plans to offer the cars for rental on several events in the spring, including the Silver Road Rally in Spain, the Marrakech Express Rally in Morocco, and the SAFE Raid from Malaga to England.

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Summer trips tentatively include a four-day drive to Pamplona for the running of the bulls, and a French Connection drive.

The company also is open to booking bespoke trips for corporate events, birthdays, etc.

For more information, visit the 2CV Adventure website.


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