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Studebaker Commander convertible


The ‘bullet-nose’ styling of the 1950-51 Studebakers is credited to designer Robert Bourke
The ‘bullet-nose’ styling of the 1950-51 Studebakers is credited to designer Robert Bourke.

Many of the world’s most forward-looking designs are controversial. Case in point: Studebaker’s futuristic 1950-51 models with their rocketship front ends and, in the coupe models, wraparound rear glass.

Love them or hate them, those Studebakers today are popular collector’s items, as well as enduring subjects for exotic street rods.

Listed on ClassicCars.com is one of the coolest of the breed, a 1951 Studebaker convertible in what appears to be  immaculate stock condition. The paint looks shiny and flawless in the photos, and the interior is bright red. Pictures on the seller’s website show a clean engine bay, and the fabric top also looks to be in good condition.

The Studebaker is a stunning top-down cruiser
The Studebaker convertible looks stunning with its top down.

The seller, Cruising Classics of Columbus, Ohio, describes the car as a “beautiful example of American automotive history in the form of a stunning 1951 Studebaker ‘Bullet Nose’ Commander convertible.”

The convertible “runs and drive excellent,” the seller says, and is powered by its original 232cid V8 and three-speed manual transmission. “This hard-to-find classic is in excellent condition throughout including a very solid rust-free undercarriage.”

Maybe not as evocative as the Starlight Coupe with its unique four-piece curving rear greenhouse, the convertible has the distinct advantage of a top that goes down. This would be such an attention-getting cruiser wherever you drove it

Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen
Bob Golfen is a longtime automotive writer and editor, focusing on new vehicles, collector cars, car culture and the automotive lifestyle. He is the former automotive writer and editor for The Arizona Republic and SPEED.com, the website for the SPEED motorsports channel. He has written free-lance articles for a number of publications, including Autoweek, The New York Times and Barrett-Jackson auction catalogs. A collector car enthusiast with a wide range of knowledge about the old cars that we all love and desire, Bob enjoys tinkering with archaic machinery. His current obsession is a 1962 Porsche 356 Super coupe.


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