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1943 Dodge WC51 truck restored by youth group

The mission of the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens is to ensure that classic vehicles “will still be on the roads 50 years from...

Alvis providing advice for owners working on their cars

Although it has been shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic, Britain’s Alvis is offering free technical support to car owners who are working...

Gearing up for a gearbox rebuild

During this time spent indoors during shelter in place, I have been able to continue work on the MGB GT restoration. The latest project...

Andy’s using homebound time to work on the MGB GT restoration

While many people are feeling frustrated about the number of event cancellations, I’m looking at this change in scheduling another way: I have much...

This ’69 Mustang Mach 1 packs a 1,000-horsepower kick

If you bought a Ford Mustang Mach 1 back in 1969, you spent around $3,125 for a souped-up pony car powered by a 351cid...

Reviving auto shop class for the electric vehicle era, one vintage VW at a time

High school teacher revitalizes his class by launching EV conversion course

A lost Bentley is masterfully re-created

Radically styled 1939 Corniche to be unveiled in September at Salon Privé

Andy’s MGB GT project isn’t finished in time for Monterey

But he’s learned a lot more about the car and plans to drive it this fall to Hilton Head

Sanding reveals another blemish as the MGB GT restoration stalls

Andy knew the left front fender had been damaged, but right-rear bump emerges as the paint comes off

Spring cleaning of MGB engine, transmission reveals some needs

Getting the crud off the drivetrain and peering into the gearbox

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