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Gilmore museum opens 2021 with new Winter Motoring Meet

The Gilmore Car Museum is located on what used to be a 90-acre farm in Hickory Corners, Michigan, and has become a showcase not...

Speed Festival promises showcase ‘unlike any other in North America’

The American Speed Festival is the name of a new event promised to be “unlike any other in North America” and planned for September...

Beaulieu museum opens its workshop for restoration services

A week ago, we shared the news that Britain’s National Motor Museum at Beaulieu is opening its vehicle workshop to non-museum vehicles. But what we...

British concours will feature children’s vehicle class

The British Concours, aka England's Concours of Elegance, scheduled for September 6 at Hampton Court, will feature a new “Junior Concours” for half-scale petrol,...

Muscle cars featured through 2018 at the Gilmore museum

Museum roundup: AACA showcases working vehicles, 773,338-mile Corvette gets new home

Major European museums combine for 15-car showcase at InterClassics Brussels

British, French, Italian, Netherlands and Belgian national car collections each will send three cars for joint showing. Meanwhile, GM makes major contribution to Henry Ford’s museum

AMG, Dillinger featured at museums, Corvette track launches ‘Heap’ races

New ‘King of the Heap’ racing series open to inexpensive cars

Maine museum considers a better mouse trap, and then some

Our weekly roundup of museum news includes Owls Head workshop, special hours for AACA Museum during Fall meet

Tucker Torpedo concept to debut at AACA gala, and other museum news

Tucker concept debuts at AACA, Corvette museum celebrates its home state, LeMay is looking for vintage toys, and an update on special events this weekend, including the 'Transformers' exhibit

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