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They’ve finally put Jay Leno in his rightful place

“I tell jokes at night, and then during the day, I like to come to the garage and work on stuff because when you...

Jay Leno shows off a beautiful Bristol 403

The U.K.'s Bristol Cars may not be on the tip of every wagging social media tongue these days, especially here in the U.S., but...

Jay Leno meets millennial who restored a 1927 Ford Model T

They say Millennials don't care about cars, but there are plenty of cases where this isn't the case. Take for example Brandon Fay, a young man...

Jay Leno’s Porsche Carrera GT wasn’t the most reliable car

Porsches traditionally sit at the top of reliability tests though that doesn't mean you'll never find some of the fine German performance machines without...

Jay Leno shows us his 1971 Porsche 911 T

Some classic cars are unfortunate, requiring extensive restorations to be put back on the road, while others are well preserved over the decades. The 1971 Porsche 911 T featured on this episode of "Jay Leno's Garage" falls somewhere in the middle.

Most expensive Duesenberg ever built wades into Jay Leno’s Garage

Duesenbergs are a common sight on Jay Leno's Garage, as the car-loving comedian is a big fan of the marque. But this 1934 Duesenberg Walker Coupe stands out because, according to Jay, it's the most-expensive Duesey ever made. That means it cost $25,000 in 1934.

Rare 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra Competition roars into Jay Leno’s garage

The Shelby Cobra is a common sight at car shows thanks to a burgeoning replica business, but original cars are exceedingly rare. The 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra featured on this episode of Jay Leno's Garage is even rarer than most. It's one of just 23 Competition models produced.

Jay Leno comes away impressed with the 2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4S

The new Porsche 911 Targa for 2021 is based on the latest 992 generation of the 911. Jay Leno recently took the slightly sportier Porsche 911 Targa 4S version out for a spin for the latest episode of "Jay Leno's Garage."

Video: Jay Leno dissects a 1922 Wills Sainte Claire at his garage

In addition to the Detroit Three, Michigan has played host to some smaller automakers. Featured on the most recent episode of "Jay Leno's Garage,"...

Duesenberg Model J with fascinating story in Jay Leno’s garage

Duesenbergs were more expensive than Rolls-Royces and pretty much more powerful than anything else on the road, but being launched in the years prior...

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