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Cougar from 007 film on Bonhams Bond Street docket

The late Sean Connery might have been the best-known actor to star on the big screen in the role of Bond, James Bond, but...

Would 007 drive a Blower Bentley, and other such questions

“Throughout the years, it can be argued that cars have become even bigger stars than the actors and actresses that drive them on the...

Put your James Bond Jr. into kid-size DB5 for $46,160

To help launch a new generation of car enthusiasts, Aston Martin and The Little Car Company are producing an electric-powered, 2/3-scale version of James...

Stolen! Missing Aston Martin DB5 subject of search, reward offer

The brazen daytime theft last month of a valuable 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage, the classic model so familiar to James Bond fans, has...

Which car brands have appeared most often in movies and on TV?

While we’ve often discussed the top movie cars of all time – focusing on such things as James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, Steve McQueen’s...

Featured listing: A Bonding Experience – 1971 Ford Mustang Convertible

The 1971 Ford Mustang Convertible does look slightly more docile than the Mach 1. But, the long hood with dual intakes is still intimidating.

Featured listing – Bring Your “A” Game – 1971 Dodge Super Bee

The second generation, 1971 Dodge Super Bee hit all the right marks. This was based on the newly designed, 1971 Dodge Charger.

‘James Bond’ driven 1959 Land Rover

The Pick of the Day was formerly owned by actor Daniel Craig, known for his modern movie interpretation of the British spy How very...

2002 BMW Z8 fit for Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Being a major fan of James Bond and his cars, I have owned a few over the years, a 1996 BMW Z3 007 Edition...

James Bond Aston DB5 replicas include on-board spy gear  

Special-effects pro shows how the famous movie gadgets were developed and installed in the collector’s edition cars

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