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Ford v GM: It’s not horsepower this time, it’s map apps

There’s a new weapon of choice in the battle between Detroit-based automakers (sorry Chrysler, but last we heard you’re part of a French/Italian/American corporate...

What was your favorite car-centric Super Bowl commercial?

Last week we posted a dozen of our favorite Super Bowl car commercials of all time and asked you to vote for your favorite....

GM unveils plans for ‘putting everyone in an EV’

General Motors sees roadways of the future with “zero crashes, zero emissions, zero congestion,” and sees the electrification of the vehicle fleet as the...

Saturday Matinee: America’s Most Powerful Muscle Cars

https://youtu.be/MaGPPZ9MpWY Featuring interviews with collectors -- and GTO designer John DeLorean, this muscle car documentary from History channel, several years ago, is worth a look.

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